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Subaltern means “subordinate.” Coined by Antonio Gramsci through his work on cultural hegemony, it describes the populace that is socially, politically, and geographically outside any colonial mainland’s power structure. We at Subaltern Word aim to lend a voice to all distinctions of people across the globe. 

Writers, poets, painters, photographers, journalists, translators, artists of all editions — Subaltern Word wants to hear what you think about the world today.

We refrain from politicizing our content or narrowing it to any concrete style. However, our belief in showing the world the power of voices both oppressed and free is what lends credibility to our name. We at Subaltern Word like to see creativity put a finger on the pulse of time.

For submissions, please email us your work at



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(While we are an online-first magazine, we are looking to publish an issue biannually in the future. If you are interested in getting a print version, please email us at with “Print Issue” in the subject line.)