Seasons by Siddhartha


A Particularly Difficult Winter

Bukowski writes
a poem about a dog
on the sidewalk
and I surmise
that he is a lonely man
for only lonely men
harbor such sinister
about cats and dogs
in the middle of
a particularly difficult winter
where I’ve shed friends
like yellow leaves
off graying trees
the wind blows and
changing seasons
bring changing fortunes
the trees regain
yesterday’s splendor
but the sidewalk is
still a topic of interest
for men don’t find
company or love
with changing seasons
or poignant metaphors
the trouble with time
is that it’s only
as finite as the man
keeping count
You do what you have to darling
Indulge yourself
escape the present
laugh, smile, cry
for a better future
do the entire package
Don’t be a tourist
to your life, M!
Keep them leaves close!
who knows when
you may need a friend
to wet your soul
without a single drop
of alcohol.

A Summer Eulogy

They will fish me out the sea
with rocks inside a jacket
and the fingers that typed this verse
fish food
I’m rusting inside
outside, a local skirmish
has turned into a full blown war
and the men have all
lobbed their heads
off their lonely shoulders
and forgot to laugh
in search of what’s what
a madness is brewing
on the hood of a car
where two men on mushrooms
talk of a black rose
blooming at the feet of
a white horse, and all hell’s
broken loose, as the
men evaporate
and so does a dog walker
on the sidewalk
without dog or leash
making little sense
in an otherwise perfect world
I’m corroding and
looking for answers inside
a broken jar filled
with counterfeit coins
slowly dancing
at the bottom,
a noisy celebration
for the end of all reality while
men become dogs
saunter down the street
and piss on
beautiful things
on the news, a newscaster
proclaims global warming as a cause
but at the bottom of the sea
a corpse disagrees
this is how men have always been
violent and with short memories
and no regard to history
we have always welcomed
madness, we have always
pissed on beautiful things.

Siddhartha Singh is a lawyer based in New Delhi, India. His work has appeared in many online publications. You can find him at

Featured Image by Anurag Banerjee