Detail and Corners

Continuing our thread from previous week’s article, Surelia’s sketches of Nepal have captured both – the sum and its parts. Glimpses of a brilliant market; a detail of an ancient facade; a perspective of a charming street; this vivid capturing of essence gives an image of the old and new city of Kathmandu in all its beauty. Colored in with crimsons and blues, the young artist’s travelogue series continues to create poignant themes and fresh splashes here at Subaltern Word.

Scan 9

Scan 10

Scan 12

Dharal Surelia is an architect, graphic designer and an artist based in the United States and India. She is currently pursuing her MS in Entrepreneurial Leadership from Babson College in Wellesley. She is passionate about all forms of Art & Design be it spaces, infographics, or products. She can be found at