Anurag Banerjee captured these photos for Alekhya, a writing retreat based in the Himalayan Parvati Valley. As each photo captures a narrative told through sky, trees, and mountains, we are led into a private story. Banerjee’s photos capture the rugged isolation of the artist, the storm of nature that rages inside each one; the sole typewriter that is their friend looms larger than the peaks. His works inspire awe and that odd liminal feeling of being somewhere in the midst of a life altering space. The stark chiaroscuro of Banerjee’s photos seems to outline the voids and sparks of a story waiting to be told.






Anurag Banerjee is a photographer and photo-journalist based out of Bombay. He has worked on a variety of projects across spectrums. His ongoing series “Love in Bombay”, and his other work, can be found on