Subaltern Word was founded in late 2017 at an apple orchard in the Himalayas. It was to realize the social and artistic aspirations of two friends, who believe that everyone can create art. This belief led them to create a contemporary craft journal that aims to showcase the stories inherent in all art forms.

ShalviShalvi Shah, editor-in-chief of Subaltern Word, is a writer and editor based in the United States and India. She is currently an MFA candidate at Columbia University’s School of the Arts in Creative Writing (Fiction) and received her bachelors degree in the same from Emory University. She loves traveling, eating, and confessing her deepest secrets to her golden Labrador pup. She is deeply committed to the propagation of the South Asian artistic tradition both subcontinental and global.


MahimaMahima Sood, managing editor of Subaltern Word, is an entrepreneur based in the United Kingdom and India. She is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Data Science from the University of Glasgow. She has previously worked as a programmer and content manager for various digital platforms like Apple and Intel, before curating a travel startup in the Himalayas. She feels strongly about data privacy, Freud and Bukowski.


DharalDharal Surelia, Creative Director of Subaltern Word, is an architect, graphic designer and an artist based in the United States and India. She is currently pursuing her MS in Entrepreneurial Leadership from Babson College in Wellesley. She has an undergraduate degree in Architecture from CEPT University in Ahmedabad. She is passionate about all forms of Art & Design be it spaces, infographics, or products. She finds peace in painting her heart out with colours, hoarding stationery, and baking.